Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inspiraton Operation: Spring Tights!

Collection of all of my tights, minus my polka dot and spiderweb tights, I forgot them!

 Long time no post! It must be this semi-winter season, all the layers and jackets at times causes one to hibernate for a little while. Well, hopefully that bug will fly away!
Currently, I have been quite obsessed with tights and I have been searching basically everywhere. and hear are a few of the ones I have been drooling over online!

Peek of Petal tights from Modcloth.com. 

Betsey Johnson! My favorite!
Forever 21.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mad For Plaid

This look is yet again greaser-inspired. Red lumber-jack shirt gives it a "careless" feel to it, and leaving it unbottoned reinforces that. I wanted the red to remain the main attraction, so everything else is black and white.

The white shirt underneath is yet again another nod, but it's tucked in to give it a fitted feel look. as careless as it may be, it shouldn't look sloppy.
 It's finished with the classic staples of black jeans and Converse sneakers. The sneaks go back to the black and white, and you just can't go wrong with black denim especially if you're going for this kind of look.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Die For Denim

 Jeans are muy importante. In my opinion, you can never ever have enough. There's so many different ways and uses in which to wear them that the possibilities are almost endless.
Let's start with the essentials. Black denim is a necessity, to be blunt, it's one of the coolest looking jeans that you can own even if it seems simple. Dark denim is also essential because it can either be worn casually with a tee, or more formal with a button-down. Light is primarily for a more, as you may have guessed, a relaxed-light look.
Now, all the colors in between is where you can have fun. Colored denim is great for making what could be a subdued outfit stand out. Whenever you do one of these, make sure that the colored denim remains the center of attention. If you have too much going on, it will actually take away from the look no matter how cool it is.
It's also fun to get medium washes that are somewhere in between Dark and light. You can do washes and correlate them with shirts. For example, if you have a medium wash jean with a tan wash, wear a brown tee to bring that out. If there's a white wash, wear yellow or light blue since those two look great with white. Whenever a wash or lining is involved, that then takes precedence over the jean itself.

By collecting a lot of jeans, it opens your wardrobe to new heights. Great jeans to look out for are gray one's because they go well with just about everything, and jeans with some shine to them. Not in an over the top way, but in a subtle and significant way.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Faux Fur Finds.

Finally my Faux Fur obsession has come to fruition with these finds, entirely perfect for the Fall. Gotta admit, I feel like Rachel Zoe in them though ha.

Top, Left to Right:

1. Forever 21 Coat ($4 find!)
2. Steve Madden Faux Fur Vest
3. Yaso Faux Fur Vest
4. Old Navy Black Faux Fur Vest ($7 Find)
5. Black Faux Fur Vest ($6 Find!)

(*ll of the fur is faux, would never wear real fur even if I could afford it!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cardi. Party.

A cardigan can add a lot to an ensemble without even having to do much. By just buttoning the cardigan, it actually puts more emphasis on the button down underneath. Rolled sleeves also give it a casual feel while still being classy.

Cardigans are very versatile. There's many ways you can mix them with different looks.
The color blood oxford is a great color to utilize for Fall. I have it in skinny jeans, and the pants which you see here. It really pops in a distinct way, contrasting the lighter shirt and cardigan.

Love this shirt by H&M. It's so light and has buttons so the sleeve can stay in place when rolled up.
Despite this having a classy feel, I still found a way to have that edge to it with the boots and studded belt. I think it's important to note that when you do a look, you don't always have to go full out. You can use elements from your main style to something else. The results of which should be interesting.

Don't be fooled all the time when things seem to contrast. You should play up the differences to stand apart.
For instance, someone on my Lookbook left me a comment saying, "I love how classic this is with a pinch of studded edge. i don't think i've ever put "studs" and "so classy!" in the same sentence but here it works magically :)" and that's the point of "your look" it isn't to stifle you, but to push your individuality to the next level.

Monday, October 25, 2010

2 for today.

Yesterday's details/look.

Outfit for birthday dinner yesterday, was feeling a bit leather and lacy.
With my cream lace dress from forever 21, tights from Nine West, black leather/suede wedges from R2,
black leather vest that was thrifted and a chained necklace from Forever 21. Fun times!

Today's Birthday outfit.

Today is my birthday and I just had to wear this awesome leopard blazer from H&M. I paired it with a simple classic white tank from Old Navy and a black sheer skirt that I purchased from Old Navy many years ago as well. I also wore my spiderweb tights with my Etienne Aigner knee high lace up boots (which totally was channeling a witchy vibe.) Accessorized with my Mr. T chain from Forever 21. Quite a fun outfit for today and I truly want more sheer skirts like that for the Fall including more maxi skirts.

This one is from Forever 21, I am entirely enamored by.. Honestly, I've been quite frightened by anything maxi, I'm only 5"0, I didn't want the fabric to overpower my height, but I have realized I can combat the length of the item simply by adding length to the bottom, by adding heels/wedges. Furthermore, now that I have gotten over this whole notion that I will look like a little girl swimming in her mothers' clothes, I'm entirely ready to take maxi's on. Oh yeah.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Additions.

From top: left to right.
1. Chinese Laundry
2. Jeffery Campbell
3. Dollhouse
4. Nine West
5. Forever 21
6/7. No 704b
8/9. Steve Madden

my new shoes,
love love love.